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EXTRA PV-system order placed.  East & West roof oriented

EXTRA PV-system order placed. East & West roof oriented

Datum: 02.08.2019
Benutzer: walter
Anlage: walter

On August 1, 2019 we placed the ORDER for a new and extra PV system.
10 Panels LG330 NEON2 to be installed on the EAST side from the roof on the Garage.
10 Panels LG330 NEON2 to be installed on the WEST side from the roof on the Garage.
In total this is 6600 Wp extra.
Both strings will be connected to one SMA 2.0 to work into the POLYSTRING mode ( as stated by SMA, this is possible, this is not bad, this is even giving an LONGER working day for that one invertor).
The current used SMA SB 3800 that is still running just fine, will be replaced by a new SMA 3.0 also.
This is required to stay within the 5.0 capacity that is allowed onto a 1 FASE system in this country.
The extra production is calculated to produce 5132 kWh per year ( PVGIS Database ) extra according to the offer from the company.
According to my calculations via SUNNYDESIGNWEB this might bring close to 5333 kWh per year extra.
We will SEE what reality will bring us.
Expect this installation to be ready within 4 to 6 weeks.

Now starting with the planning from a Battery system ( Sunny Boy STORAGE 3.7 + Battery from +- 10-kWh + SUNNY HOME MANAGER 2.0 )

The SMART METER installation in Belgium is coming up. When installing a battery system, the SMART METER is required.
Then I expect to also 'dump' the PROSUMENTENTARIEF that I have to pay now since I use the GRID as a buffer.
PROSUMENTENTARIEF is a PRODUCTION + CONSUMERS tarif created in Belgium. In my region I pay for that 85.49 EURO per 1000 Watt invertor power. Currently this means for me : 3.8 * 85.49 = 324.9 EURO per year.